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Taian Xingyun Sunshine Power Engineering Co.,LTD.(hereinafter referred to as Xingyun sunshine power) was established in August 2009, is in China under the background of the reform and development of electricity market arises at the historic moment, in the recruitment of coal-fired power plants and more than domestic scientific research institutions established on the basis of talent and technical strength of a large-scale private joint-stockenterprise, located at the foot of mount tai dragon international building. Company existing staff more than 150 people, including senior technical staff accounted for more than 85%, is mainly engaged in thermal power plants at home and abroad, and new energy power plant installation, training, commissioning, start-up, operation, maintenance and repair engineering business.

Xingyun sunshine power operator group has rich experience in electrical engineering at home and abroad, at home and abroad in large thermal power plant is engaged in technology and management work, and in a number of Chinese and foreign engineering involved in installation, training, technology acceptance, commissioning, commercial operation and maintenance of organization management. Company advanced management ideas, employees with high quality, excellent technical equipment, is now engaged in several power plants at home and abroad 3 MW ~ 600 MW project installation, training, commissioning, operation maintenance and large, the minor repair work, the domestic projects in Shandong, Yunnan, Qinghai, Jinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Heilongjiang and other provinces; Now and in azerbaijan, Russia, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka,Sudan, Vietna, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey and other countries participating in project construction and management. In electricity market at home and abroad for many years practice, has accumulated rich experience, can complete the coal-fired power plants and power plants of various new energy unit capacity of the installation, training, commissioning, operation and maintenance and other projects, and several power companies at home and abroad, electric power equipment factory and other large state-owned enterprises long-term cooperation partners, obtained the customer high praise.

Company with the advance of science and technology as the forerunner, adhere to customer first, service first principle.

Xingyun sunshine power has the advanced and mature power management system, at the same time have a highly efficient and flexible operating mechanism; Relying on scientific management, has a perfect service quality control/assurance system. Technical staff are from large and medium-sized electric power enterprises and research institutions, in the electric power enterprise project management, electricity consultation, equipment maintenance and other aspects have a wealth of experience, has a strong talent and technical resources.

Company from top to bottom solidarity, hard work, achieve win-win cooperation with you!