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12005.3The self-provided power plant of Shandong YangChun 1x3 MW Installation,commissioning,and peration managementShandongcompleted
22005.12Shandong ChangLe thermoelectric 15 MW, 2x2x25 MW Installation,debugging and management of commercial operationShandongcompleted
32006.7Situated in Shandong power plant 2x6 MW Installation,commissioning and personnel trainingShandongcompleted
42007.4Henan shenhuo group 2x135 MW thermal power overhaul and technicaltransformation projectsHenancompleted
52008.3Bangladesh 2x50 MW power plant overhaul and gas cycle After overhaul of the related businessBangladeshcompleted
62009.1Guangdong Yang west power plant 2x600 MW maintenance technical guidanceGuangdongcompleted
72009.9Azerbaijan 8x300 MW expansion renovation projectAzerbaijiancompleted
82009.12Heilongjiang green company 1x12 MW thermal power station 1 Installation,commissioning, and operation management projectHeilongjiangcompleted
92010.3Xinjiang meters east part of power plant 2x300 MW operation maintenanceXinjiangcompleted
102010.5Commissioning of 2X12MW Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Power Plant in Qujing CitQujingcompleted
112010.7Sudan Khartoum north 2x100 MW unit installation debugging and maintenance projectsSudancompleted
122011.3Sri Lanka put his project's first phase 2x300 MW unit commissioning and deliverySri Lankacompleted
132011.7Xinjiang NongLiuShi project 2x360 MW
unit confirmed shipped for a long time
142011.1Indonesia belden item 1x660 MW unit commissioning and deliveryIndonesiacompleted
152012.1India allison part of item 2x600 MW auxiliary post operation maintenanceIndiacompleted
162012.12x600 MW unit two power plant desulfurization
nilling Yunnan Diandong as
Yunnanin progress
172012.3Nigeria project 4x125 MW unit installation,commissioning and guarantee shipmentNigeriacompleted
182012.6India xi to jas project 2x600 MW unit commissioning and maintenanceIndiacompleted
192012.7Jilin matsubara power plant 2x135 MW unit auxiliary equipment installation and debuggingJilincompleted
202012.8Indonesia batam 2x60 MW
installation and
confirmed shipment for a long time
Indonesiain progress
212012.9Xinjiang riot of bay 2x350 MW unit operation and maintenanceXinjiangcompleted
222013.1Shanxi porch post 2x600 MW unit overhaul and maintenanceShanxicompleted
232013.1Indonesia 2x350 MW unit project debugging service and coal ash desulfurization maintenanceIndonesiain progress
242013.3Put Mr Phase i project in Sri Lanka and confirmed shipment of 2x300 MWSri Lankain progress
252013.6India K project 2x600 MW unitand auxiliary network installation and debuggingIndiain progress
262013.6India mundra project 2x600 MW unit commissioning and trial operationIndiain progress
272014.1Qitaihe iron and steel plant self installation of power plant 1x30 MW unit Inner MongHarbinin progress
282014.1Installation and Adjustment of 3x25MW Unit in Inner Mongolia Wu Zhong Qi owned power plantInner Mongoliain progress
292014.3Commissioning of Hegang Wanyuan Biomass 2X15MW Power PlantHegangin progress
302014.9India SASAN project 6x660 MW ash
removal system operation maintenance
Indiain progress
312014.11Commissioning of 1x12 MW Unit for Municipal solid waste Incineration in Yichun CityYichunin progress
322015.1Operation and maintenance of 1x660MW Unit in Yongxin VietnamVietnamin progress
332015.5Operation and maintenance of 2x300MW Unit in BiHBosnia and Herzegovinain progress
342015.8Operation and maintenance of Phase I 2x660MW in Yanghai, VietnamVietnamin progress
352015.8Commissioning of Weifang Municipal solid waste Incineration 2x25 MW Power PlantShandongin progress
362016.5Commissioning of 3x450t/d+1x25 MW+12 MW Generator set in Wenzhou Yongqiang refuse Incineration Power PlantWenzhouin progress
372016.6Operation and maintenance of 2x135 MW in Argonne Project IndonesiaIndonesiain progress
382016.12Commissioning and operation and maintenance of Amman Salala projectAmmanin progress
392017.3Operation and maintenance of Zambia Project 2x135 MWZambiain progress
402017.5Operation and maintenance of 2x30 MW in Inner Monda Banner Power PlantInner Mongoliain progress
412017.1India K project phase 2 2*600MW host and secondary network commissioning, operation and maintenanceIndiain progress
422017.11Operation and maintenance of Inner Mongolia Chuangyuan Project 2x350 MWInner Mongoliain progress
432018.3Operation and maintenance of 300 MW Unit in Pakistan ProjectPakistanin progress