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Huaneng’s five projects granted National High-Quality Engineering Award 2018-2019


Recently, China Association of Construction Enterprise Management released the list of the first batch of projects winning the National High-Quality Engineering Award 2018-2019. Five projects from China Huaneng Group Co. Ltd. were selected. Among them, the Sahiwal Coal-fired Power Project in Pakistan was honored the Golden Award, becoming the only overseas power project winning such an honor. Huaneng Mianchi CHP Project, Huaneng Laiwu expansion project with 1000MW-level units, Huaneng Qinghai Xining Thermal Power project (developing large-capacity units to replace small ones), and Huaneng Zangmu Hydro Power Project gained the National High-quality Engineering Award. 

  The National High-quality Award is a part of China’s High-Quality Product Award. It is the highest honor in China’s engineering and construction sector. Sahiwal Project now has two 660MW super critical coal-fired units. It is a large-scale green coal-fired power station which features the largest installed capacity, the most advanced technology, and the best environmental performance in Pakistan. The project proposed the quality management target of “full-process management, striving to achieve National Golden Award” at its initial stage. From design optimization to equipment tendering and selection, from first-class planning to five-level check and acceptance, every single step was aimed at perfection, strictly implementing the lifelong accountability system for project quality. Via concept innovation and technological breakthroughs, the project successfully applied the phased-arrayed super-sonic inspection technology, adopted the design philosophy of security system normally used in nuclear power stations, and arranged the power island in the main power house in an integrated and compacted manner. Also, the application of super critical parameters, full admission of steam inlet, the arrangement of four-cylinder and four-array steam turbines, and the construction of “sponge power station” have all created the records as being applied for the first time. Mianchi 2*350MW CHP project closely adhered to the general quality target of “achieving high-level standards, striving to accomplish national high-quality project, and building an exemplary power plant with first-class heat supply”, and firmly set the awareness of taking the lead and creating the best. The project held to quality management method of “planning beforehand, following models, whole-process control, and forging highlights”, consistently improved and enhanced quality management system, and implemented quality accountability system, so as to ensure a first-class project with leading indexes of unit performances, and formed more than 30 innovative and optimized design outcomes and patents. Laiwu expansion project of 2*1030MW double-reheat units are currently the world’s largest double-reheat units in terms of single capacity. The project set the target to construct first-class demonstration project in the world with Huaneng characteristics, focused on quality management with leading standards, and adhered to management innovation and self-motivated innovation, so as to create a high-quality project with full innovation and optimization in engineering management, technology and quality progress, and environmental protection and energy saving etc. Xi’ning project of 2*350MW units adopted the method of “collaborative innovation and compacted joint design”, focused on engineering and construction, and strived to create benchmarks. The project has transplanted advanced construction, production, and IT management systems, established 182 optimized design outcomes, and successfully built a “benchmark thermal power plant on highlands”. ?