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China-Cambodia Youth Friendly-Exchange Delegation visits China Huaneng


December 6th, 2018 is the day to mark the 60th anniversary of the establishment of China-Cambodia diplomatic relationship. On this day, China Huaneng Group Co. Ltd. received a group of special guests, the China-Cambodia Youth Friendly-exchange Delegation. 

  The delegation consists of local government officials from Cambodia, representatives from the Cambodian Youth Association, and Cambodian students studying in China, 62 people in total. They first visited the Huaneng exhibition hall and got to know about Huaneng’s overview, development history, innovation achievements, and social responsibility and so on. After that, the delegation held a meeting with Huaneng’s youth representatives. The two sides held heated discussions over the topics of common interest.

  Huaneng’s youth representatives and the young employees from Huaneng Sesan II Hydro Power Company shared the deep friendships they established with the local youths during the power station’s construction and operation, and the stories and feelings in terms of enhancing China-Cambodia friendship and facilitating co-development. They noted that China and Cambodia are closely linked by mountains and rivers, and the friendship of the two countries has a long history and will develop further. Huaneng and Huaneng’s youths will endeavor to exert advantages to make contributions to the social-economic development of Cambodia.

  The delegation shared their feelings during the visit to China, paid homage to the achievements of Huaneng’s development, and rendered their appreciation of Huaneng’s engagement in the Belt and Road, and Huaneng’s helping hand to solve the power shortage problem in Cambodia. They paid close attention to Huaneng’s pursuit of new investments and development in Cambodia, and hoped that the two sides’ youths will enhance communications, and make progress jointly, making contributions to strengthen the friendships of the people from the two countries. 

  It is reported that the activity of China-Cambodia youth friendly exchange is co-hosted by All-China Youth Federation and Cambodian Youth Federation, which is one of the series of activities to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of China-Cambodia diplomatic relationship.