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High Technology Helps High-End Industries Obtain Quality Supply of Power World's first flexible AC/DC distribution network demonstration project enters operation


On December 26, the Zhangbei flexible substation and AC/DC distribution network scientific and technological demonstration project completed all tests and trial runs required, becoming the world's first flexible substation-based AC/DC distribution network to enter commercial operation.

With the purpose of exploring the paradigm of the future distribution network, serving the Zhangjiakou Renewable Energy Demonstration Zone and focusing on the high-end industry’s demands for a quality source of power, State Grid Jibei Company joins hands with Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute and China EPRI Science & Technology Co. Ltd [l1]  and closely partners with Alibaba Group and Elion Resources Group in R&D and innovation, and has built the Zhangbei flexible substation and AC/DC distribution network scientific and technological demonstration project, which is a project of great value in terms of working philosophy, technology and efficiency.

The demonstration project is innovative in its proposal of a flexible substation which enhances the function of a substation and promotes the development of multi-function equipment as the alternative of multi-equipment combination for a substation. The electronic transformer, designed in-house, has achieved five major technological breakthroughs, and possesses major functions such as multi-terminal integrated transformation and DC fault isolation, which is 200% higher in energy intensity than the previous version.

The pioneering AC/DC distribution network based on the flexible substation connects the data center with photovoltaic power plants and for the first time realizes the deep integration of the smart grid and cloud computing, as well as predicts a new form of power grid development for the future. The demonstration project has overcome a complete set of design-related technical problems, achieved "source-network-load" control and protection and realized flexible regulation of power and current, current limiting during faults and self-healing. 

The demonstration project has created a flexible and open platform to achieve win-win results for power generation, the grid itself and its users. Flexible substation equipment can realize the plug-and-play of multiple energy sources, multiple loads and energy storage, enriching user choices. The integrated 2.5 MW photovoltaic power generation meets the user's green energy demand.

The smarter distribution network ensures the high-reliability of the power supply in the data center, enabling prioritized local consumption of photovoltaic power and ensuring all remaining power is fed into the grid. This efficient power system reduces data center energy consumption by about 10% to 20%, equipment investment by about 1% and improves photovoltaic system efficiency by about 2%. The impoverished Desheng Village witnessed an annual income increase of about 70,000 yuan.

Advanced technology used in demonstration project has been adopted by the 2022 Winter Olympics and other places, and is set to vigorously promote innovation in China's distribution network and energy interconnection technology.

Sources: State Grid Department of Science and Technology , State Grid News