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State Grid Hotline 95598 Ranks First in China Consumers Association Customer Perceived Value Evaluation


On December 19, the China Consumers Association held a press conference in Beijing and released its Report on Customer Experience Survey of Enterprise Service Hotlines in Key Service Areas[l1] . State Grid’s performance in the survey ranked the first, with a customer perceived value[c2]  score of 88.2.

The survey is composed of a customer experience investigation conducted by the China Consumers Association in August and September 2018, focused on enterprise hotlines in various key sectors. The survey selected 47 companies in eight industries (banking, insurance, securities, telecommunications, express delivery, transportation, online travel bookings and energy) that are closely related to the daily lives. 

There are three major aspects to the survey: First, the survey selects the most representative enterprises of their respective industries. These enterprises are all well established and feature a complete service hotline system, and their level of customer service is at the forefront in China. The second major aspect of the survey is related to the means of the investigation. The China Consumers Association, as the third-party, conducts and records phone calls to the enterprise being surveyed and ensures that the results of the survey are objective and fair. The third aspect is the diversity of the evaluation dimension. The hotline service is evaluated based on aspects including wait time, service quality and problem solving. The efficiency of customer service personnel in solving problems is the most important evaluation factor. The evaluation is a true reflection of the service capability, and the results are highly authoritative and valuable.

In recent years, State Grid has unified its service hotline and related standards, expanded service channels, improved service quality, continuously enhanced customer experience management, facilitated business environment optimization and strived to provide all types of services on the hotline. Customers are not required to visit the service office for regular business, and no need for the second trip regarding complex business. In 2018, 86.90% of call-in requests were settled, and the 95598 hotline satisfaction rate reached 98.61%, setting a benchmark in the utility industry. 

This achievement was reached thanks to State Grid's adherence to a people-centered philosophy, its construction of a modern service system, the great importance it attaches to customer service work and the upholding of its core values of being “customer-oriented, professional and dedicated, ever-improving”. It is the result of provincial power companies' hard work and the continuous optimization of the business environment, while it is also a vivid reflection of State Grid's customer service center’s efforts in implementing major innovations and initiatives in its services.

Sources: State Grid Department of Marketing, State Grid News