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On December 4 (Local time in Portugal), Mr. António Costa, the Portuguese Prime Minister, met with Mr. Kou Wei, President of State Grid, at the Prime Minister’s Office. The two parties conducted friendly talks on topics of promoting the "Belt and Road" Initiative and pushing energy cooperation between China and Portugal to a new level. Portuguese Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Jo?o Pedro Matos Fernandes and Portuguese Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Eurico Brilhante Dias were also at the meeting.

During the meeting, Mr. Kou Wei introduced the latest achievements of State Grid to the Prime Minister, and expressed his appreciation to the Prime Minister for his strong support to State Grid for the company’s investment activities in Portugal as well as supporting the bilateral cooperation on energy infrastructures. Mr. Kou Wei also expressed his admiration for Portugal's economic and social development and investment environment improvement in recent years. Mr. Kou Wei emphasized that, Portugal is an important hub connecting the Land Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road, State Grid attaches great importance to the cooperation with REN in Serving and promoting the "Belt and Road" Initiative. For its investment in REN, State Grid had always adhered to the principles of “seeking shared growth through extensive consultation and joint contribution”, as well as “win-win cooperation and mutual benefit”; the company had worked closely with local partners to improve REN’s overall management and operational efficiency, and provide better energy supply services, with these supports in place, REN has made significant improvements in terms of company credit ratings, joint technology R&D , and taping into the global market.

Mr. Kou Wei stated that, State Grid, as the world's largest utility and the single largest shareholder of REN, will continue its supports for REN in international expansion and carry out joint ventures with REN in markets besides China and Portugal, especially in European and other Portuguese-speaking countries, by fully utilizing State Grid’s and REN’s respective advantages, achieving win-win results. The two parties shall strengthen renewable energy technology cooperation, further give play to the jointly established R&D center, expand exchanges and cooperation around cutting-edge technologies in energy transition and promote renewable energy development in both China and Portugal. State Grid will make use of its technological advantages and rich experience in power grid construction and operation management, provide technical support for Portugal-Morocco grid Interconnection Project as requested by the Portuguese government and REN, and explore appropriate methods to participate in the project. Additionally, the two parties shall carry out joint personnel training programs; Portugal is an ideal training base for Portuguese-speaking talents. Meanwhile, State Grid will actively implement the Cooperation Framework Agreement with REN and contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of Portugal.

Prime Minister Costa expressed his admiration for the achievements made by State Grid, and expressed his gratitude to the company for its outstanding contributions in ensuring energy security, improving energy supply service and serving local economic and social development in Portugal through its investment in REN. Prime Minister Costa pointed out that Portugal is indeed an important hub connecting the Land Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road, the country had always play an active role in the development of the "Belt and Road" Initiative. The Portuguese government will, as always, support State Grid’s investment activities and operations in Portugal, and support State Grid and REN to further deepen cooperation, and jointly develop third-party markets and expand interconnectivity with neighboring countries.

Mr. Costa reiterates that the development and utilization of renewable energy is the focus of energy development in both Portugal and China. The Portuguese government will support Portuguese energy companies and research institutions, working with State Grid to make innovation breakthroughs on renewable energy technologies. He hopes State Grid will play an active role in the Portugal-Morocco grid Interconnection Project, and look forward to reach another new level for the cooperation in energy infrastructure between China and Portugal. 

Mr. Zhu Guangchao, Deputy Chief Engineer and Director General of the Department of International Cooperation of State Grid, and Mr. Rodrigo Costa, Chairman and CEO of REN were also at the meeting.