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China Huadian's largest power project starts operations in Indonesia


The main body of the Indonesian Burkit Asam project, built by China Huadian Hong Kong Co Ltd, began operations on Mar 3.

The project is viewed as a key move for the company's high-quality development under China's Belt and Road Initiative and its "2218" strategy. It is invested in the "BOOT" mode with engineering procurement construction.

It is the company's largest electric power generation project in Indonesia to date. Its two units will be fully operational in December 2021 and March 2022 respectively.

The 2×660,000 kW coal-fired pithead power plant is located some 2 kilometers north of the coal-rich Muara Enim county and around 2 kilometers from the Central Banko coal mine. It is a subcritical wet condenser unit installed with the Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) system.

The project is not only a milestone for China Huadian's overseas development, but also one of the most important power plants in Indonesia. It is expected to boost the industrial, economic and social development of the region and promote local employment.