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The key to creating a "world-class" is to promote "three transformations"


      On March 3, the People's Daily Overseas Edition’s "Two Sessions Special Issue" published a message from Wen Shugang, a delegate to National

People's Congress, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of Party Leadership Group of China Huadian Group Co., LTD. He said that the key to creating a "world-class" is to promote "three transformations".

First, we continue to promote the transformation from securing supply to increasing effective supply, focusing on the supply side, vigorously optimizing the structure, and promoting industrial upgrading, so as to achieve changes in quality.

Second, we continue to promote the transformation from scale expansion to performance  upgrade, acting decisively or refrain from doing something as needed, and improving resource allocation efficiency, to achieve  higher efficiency.

Third, we continue to promote the transformation from factor

-driven to innovation-driven, and  foster new growth drivers and new business through innovations in management, technology and business model, to realize more robust driver.

In the future, China Huadian will continue to promote the “three transformations”, speed up the process of growing stronger, bigger and better, and becoming a world-class energy enterprise with global competitiveness.