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A Clarion Call for 100-Day Campaign for Safe Production and Operations


On March 19, the group company held a mobilization meeting for waging a 100-day campaign for safe production and operations, scheduled from March 20 to June 20, in a bid to address the severe shortage of coal supplies to core regions of the corporation, sluggish growth in power generation, and poor performance of production and operations dus to combined influences of local mining incidents and the Spring Festival holiday since the beginning of this year. The campaign is expected to restore the high-level performance of integrated operation in a short period and achieve all indicators of production and operations for the year.

A work plan has been formulated to implement the campaign, requiring that subsidiaries engaged in integrated operation should break down the target of making up for the production shortage in the last nine months of the year month by month, that subsidiaries for power generation should break down the target of generating 1 trillion kw per hour of electricity in the whole year month by month, and that others should also break down the annual targets month by month.

?The campaign is focused on increasing coal supplies, improving transportation efficiency and promoting coal and power marketing with all-out efforts. According to the work plan, great efforts should be made to ensure external coal supplies, independent coal production, smooth transportation by railway, sea and air, and the shipment of external coal supplies. The plan also requires to carry out solid research and analysis on the coal and power markets, optimize coal transportation, balance the regional supplies, those directly transported and supplies shipped by water, and fulfill obligations stipulated in sales contracts. According to the plan, active actions should be taken to ink more power sales deals with both market entities and government buyers, the equipment dependability should be improved and coordination among power grids should be enhanced to generate more electricity in a faster manner.