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Low-Carbon Institute Works with Research Agencies on Environmental Protection


A research team established by the Beijing Low-Carbon Clean Energy Institute, a professional research agency and think tank of China Energy, in partnership with China Shenhua Center for Remote Sensing Monitoring of Ecological Environment, Peking University and Nanjing University, has published its latest original research results about the influence of coal-based energy emissions on China’s environmental pollution on Environmental Science & Technology Letters, a world’s highly reputable environmental research journal.

The research team measured the actual emission level of 17 domestic power plants and 38 ultra-low emission coal-fired generating units and tested the efficiency of power plant upgrading for ultra-low emissions. Based on these, the team quantified the emission factors of China’s ultra-low emission coal-fired power plants.

“By quantifying the relationship between the industrial chain of coal energy and major air pollutions, the research offers data support in the area of atmospheric environment to China Energy’s efforts in optimizing the structure of energy supply,” said Liu Xiao, head of the research team and an engineer with the Center for New Energy Technology R&D under the Low-Carbon Institute.

The research has verified that the efforts of upgrading coal-fired power plants for ultra-low emissions have generated marked results. It will also help scientists better simulate and understand the formation of smog and provide the basis for deducing, explaining, preventing and treating smog incidents in a more scientific manner.

China Energy took the lead in upgrading the coal-fired power generating units for ultra-low emissions nationwide. By the end of 2017, coal-fired power generating units of the corporation that had realized ultra-low emissions had accounted for 91 percent of the total number. The figure is expected to reach 100 percent by the end of this year.