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Gao Song Inspects Poverty Alleviation Work in Sichuan’s Puge and Butuo Counties


From March 6 to 8, Gao Song, deputy CEO of China Energy, inspected poverty alleviation work in Puge and Butuo counties in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. During this inspection tour, he visited the strawberry and morel planting base in Wudaoqing Township County and Zhumushu Primary School in Qiaomaiwo Town of Puge County, as well as a herbal medicine processing plant in Temuli Town, Shiju Village Black Sheep Farm in Tuojue Town and Luozuo-Bozuo Inter-village Highway of Butuo County. He also visited some impoverished households and poverty relief officials, and held seminars with leaders of the two counties and heads of relevant enterprises assisting poverty alleviation with industrial development.

Gao pointed out that China Energy has paid high attention to poverty relief, formulated the Plan for Poverty Relief 2018-2020, and carried out poverty reduction surveys many times in impoverished counties since 2018. This year, China Energy will continue increasing its efforts to lift the two counties out of poverty.

He stressed that the priority field of poverty reduction is education, and that China Energy will continue helping those counties build kindergartens, primary schools and middle schools and providing scholarships and other financial support for poverty-stricken and excellent teachers and students. China Energy will also assist local counties develop specialized industries such as plantation, animal husbandry, and herbal medicine, so as to fight poverty through industrial development. It will also carry out training programs to enhance local residents’ capacity to combat poverty and increase “soft power” of local economic development, such as e-commerce training, training of pioneers for becoming rich, and grassroots official training. Moreover, it will strengthen infrastructure construction and healthcare facilities for the purpose of poverty reduction. Apart from building village roads, improving poverty-stricken households’ living conditions and promoting safe housing construction, China Energy has launched the Red Ribbon program and rural doctor training program and continued carrying out the assistance for children with leukemia and congenital heart diseases and the sifting of people with congenital heart defects to improve the public’s health conditions.