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XU Xiaodong Attends the Second Asia Pacific Energy Forum of ESCAP


During April 3rd to 5th, the second Asia Pacific Energy Forum was held in Bangkok, Thailand. LI Fanrong, deputy administrator of the National Energy Administration, attended the forum. Invited by the National Energy Administration, XU Xiaodong, vice president of Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute (EPPEI), attended the forum.



During the forum, representatives from Asia Pacific countries discussed the topics of energy transformation, regional cooperation and sustainable development. The forum adopted the Ministerial Declaration, including strengthening regional cooperation and energy connectivity to promote the realization of sustainable development goals. Through the work of the expert working group on energy connectivity, the development of regional energy connectivity will be promoted continuously. In the keynote speech, LI Fanrong introduced China's achievements in energy sustainable development, and expressed the willingness of China to strengthen energy cooperation with other countries in the Asia Pacific region, which have been widely recognized by the representatives of the participants.


During the forum, EPPEI assisted the National Energy Administration to complete the work of speech drafting, discussion on related issues and consultations of the Ministerial Declaration, as well as actively communicated with governments and international organizations, which played an important role in participation and promotion of the expert working group on energy connectivity in the next step. EPPEI, accompanied LI Fanrong to participate in a number of bilateral meetings, including meetings with the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations and the Executive Secretary of the ESCAP, the Energy Minister of Pakistan, and the Energy Minister of Mongolia. EPPEI also had meeting with the energy division of ESCAP to discuss the future plan of the expert working group on energy connectivity. This meeting promotes EPPEI’s relationships with ESCAP and Asia Pacific countries, which is conducive to enhancing the international influence and popularity of EPPEI and laying a good foundation for the future development of the international market.



It is understood that in May 2017, at the seventy-third annual meeting of ESCAP, the Chinese delegation proposed to establish the "expert working group on energy connectivity" and was approved. In August 2017, approved by the National Energy Administration, EPPEI started to undertake the Chinese Secretariat of the ESCAP-Committee on Energy-Expert Working Group on Energy Connectivity.

More than 100 representatives from more than 30 member countries such as China, Russia, India and Myanmar, and international organizations and institutions such as the International Energy Forum, the International Renewable Energy Agency, the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Asian Bank, participated in the forum. The staff from international business department of EPPEI attended the forum.